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Get the most out of your Twitter account

Here is a list of Twitter’s command-line interface presented by Jesse Stay on his course: Twitter for Business on Pluralsight.com 

  • “on (username)”: Turns on all Twitter updates (for a particular user)
  • “off (username)”: Turns off all Twitter updates (for a particular user)
  • “follow username”: Follows user, turns on SMS notifications (if sent from SMS)
  • “unfollow username”: Unfollows user, turns off SMS notifications (if sent from SMS)
  • “leave username”: Turns off notifications without unfollowing them
  • “stop, quit, end, cancel, unsubscribe, arret”: deactivates SMS only account, or removes phone # from Twitter
  • “@username message…”: Sends a publicly visible message reply to @username
  • “d username message…”: Sends a private message to username.
  • “retweet (or rt) username”: Sends the latest Tweet from a user to your followers
  • “set location (place name)”: Updates location field in your profile
  • “set bio …”: Updates your bio for your profile to …
  • “set language (language name)”: specifies the language you’d like to set notifications
  • “set name (name)”: Sets the name in your Twitter profile
  • “set url (URL)”: Sets the URL in your Twitter profile
  • “whois username”: gets profile info for specified username
  • “get username”: gets latest Tweet from username
  • “fav username”: Favorites the latest tweet of username
  • “stats username”: returns # followers, # followed, bio info for user
  • “help, info, or aide”: More commands and help with commands

You don’t need to have an account to follow somebody on Twitter.  From your phone send an SMS message to 40404 (Twitter’s number): “follow username”