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Prepare for the Holiday Sales!

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day…

With the holidays right around the corner businesses in North America are preparing to tap into the buying power of consumers during the festive season. Is your business prepared?

Here are some great tips to ramp up your strategy:

– Define your sales goals.

– Define which items will have special price, if you will be offering bundles, gift packs, etc.

– Give your customers some gift ideas. Add a “Best Sellers” Menu Item on your website. Or guide them through the sales process with sections such as: “You may also like”; “Featured Products”; “People who viewed this item ultimately bought” or “People with similar interests also viewed”.

– Prepare your marketing materials and start creating brand awareness using your Social Media Handles, Website, E-Newsletter, flyers, etc.

Web Content: Story telling is the key. For example, one of Anima Creative’s clients is an online store of hand-crafted goods made by Canadian artisans, mainly from Ontario. I recently suggested the owner to promote her business by telling the stories of the artisans, their crafts, and how the products were made. This is a great way to engage with the audience.

Social Media: Create a messages calendar and schedule your content on an aggregator like Hootsuite to help you save time. Use relevant hashtags and images on your messages.

– Add Social Sharing buttons to your web pages and get your products in front of your customers’ followers on social media.

– Understand your audience behaviour and activate impactful marketing campaigns. According to a Hubspot study, “during the holidays and the rest of 2014, the hours between 9 and 11a.m. ET were the most active for ecommerce advertisers in terms of average daily purchase activity. The holiday season saw a slightly higher share of purchases occurring in the early afternoon hours, but it was not dramatically different from the non-holiday period.”

Depending on the days and time when your customers are more active online, you can target them in a better way, obtain a major return on investment for every dollar spent on social media or search engines advertising campaigns; offer flash sales, discounts when is more likely that your audience will see your ads.

– Consider allocating a large amount of resources to mobile ads during the Holidays; target your clients on the go when they are travelling.

– Keep in touch year-round: Post-purchase consider offering your customers a loyalty program card and invite them to opt-in to your E-Newsletter to receive future promotions and insiders-only information.

– The Holidays are a great time to gain more insights about your customers and their interests. Run a poll or customer satisfaction survey. Encourage your clients to post testimonials and reviews on your website and social media handles.

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Remarketing campaigns: A discount for the next purchase or Promo Code can help you to obtain additional sales.

– Before the peak season begins don’t forget to setup Google Analytics on your website, and enable the E-Commerce tracking plugins. Your webmaster can help you with this process that will allow you to understand which are the most visited pages, the consumers behavior on the site, among other insights.

Optimize for mobile:Mobile eCommerce grew by 28% in 2014—more than twice the 13% growth rate of desktop eCommerce. With over 50% of all online shopping occurring on smartphones and tablets, you’re virtually guaranteed to lose customers if your website isn’t mobile-friendly by this holiday season. There’s still time to implement responsive design and to make your emails responsive.” – Magento Blog Expert tips.

By Aida Guerra, Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant, aida@animacreative.ca