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#TurnMeOn Campaign – What’s going on with Instagram?


Since mid-March when Instagram announced is testing a change in its algorithm that will modify the way information is presented, by showing photos and videos based on the likelihood the user will be interested on them, instead of chronological order, Intagram stars and brands began to worry and are pushing followers to turn on notifications using the hashtag #TurnMeOn

What this means for businesses?

As it happened on Facebook (owner of Instagram), it is very likely that organic post reach will be more difficult, forcing brands buy Ads (Sponsored posts) to keep in the top of mind of their followers.
Original and interesting content will be the key; this means not only posting nice pictures but high-quality videos.
Instagram just announced that users will be able to post videos of up to a minute in length, up from the previous 15 seconds, as social photo service looks to lure advertisers away from platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube. (CNBC http://cnb.cx/1pJZ43K)

Companies currently prioritizing video won’t be affected in the same way. Take Spoon University as an example; changes in Facebook’s algorithm have not meant less visibility, on the contrary, it has seen an increase in likes over the past few months thanks to its video recipes now going viral.

Just consider Spoon University last 35 seconds video recipe: “Cinnamon Roll Donut Fries”, by March 30 it has more than 1.8 million views, received 11,896 likes and 4,164 comments. Similar videos can be tailored for Instagram’s Feed now that the brand will be allowed to increase their length. Instagram has promised to keep users informed .There is no reason to turn on those notifications, at least not yet. Turning on notification means that you will be distracted all day long.

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By Aida Guerra, Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant, aida@animacreative.ca